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Nyugvó elektron, Elektroaktív elektron, Gravitron, Foton, Jomaidon, Mezon, Pozitron, Bilon, Jang=Tudon, Jin=Seton, Duton, Egységes elemi részecske=gamma sugárzás




As many variables (such as mathematical functions), creation, creature, what about the present writing as much as an aspect.

The mathematics taught one unknown equation solves all the children. The Simultaneous equation-solving formula has been taught. It would exceed the minds of children without this formula.

If you are looking for an unknown, then gave the start of the specified parameters. If the specified changes, the result changes accordingly, so called variable.
This explains the functioning of the cosmic system.

The cosmic system is currently operating 2-24 variable parameters are defined in accordance.
One-one variable realization is only according to specific criteria.
The closest example to the environment, that is tangible for everyone

This 4-times variable matter-energy aspects of the structure:

  • Substances in the Mendeleev table

  • little known and more not well-known energy

  • the real speed passage of time in our Solar System

  • we present our situation throughout the Universe.

They determine for example. the physiological structure of man here on Earth.

The overall structure of the human hand, 4-5-6-7-times variable matter-energy-space structure:

The physiological body according to 4-times variable.

5 other aspect (variable) according is constructing up the astral body.

The mental body is made up of according to six other aspect (variable).

The soul is made up of seven other criteria (variable), according to which the spatial structure also matter-energy.

Thus, the five variables is not equal to the previous 4 +1, but is made up of five entirely different aspect.

The 6 variables 5 no + 1, but according to another aspect of six. And so on, up to 24 variable structures.


However strange to the ignorant people that the soul is room-filling material and energy space structure.

Spatial structures of the different aspects sit in each other.
There is no blank space, in which would not be material energy flow.
However, many existing regional structure is locally the same place, the same space coexist.

Spatial materials and energy items according to different criteria they flow even through the vacuum chamber. However, many existing regional structure is locally the same place, the same space coexist.

Materials and energy space structure in the Universe, all that is 2 to 8 -times variable structure construction.

At present from the 9-times variables up to the 24-times variables, only energy space structures exist in the Universe.

At present, God the Father, He is the fullness of the cosmos, Who will fully unfolded by the Creator Himself in the current 2- 24- times variable dimensional structure.

We are in Him. We are a part, like stars, suns, planets, and like a beetle on the halm.

In the beginning was the will of God the Father, a huge energy voltage.

He who created the potential of this material and its unit assigned to a unit of energy (known as profane as an example of a spherical magnetic pole), and it became the two-variable spatial structure.

As He continued to develop up to the ten-variable spatial structure from the 2-variable, it parted the Father God and the Holy Spirit.

The bifurcation potential difference with which He created man and animal souls became 7- and 6-times-variable matter-energy structures. That is to say into the soul and mental body.

These souls are six of them, as one of primary souls, have developed in the 6-16-times variable spatial structure to be Creator over a long period of time.

To help in understanding the analogy of earthly time. In the beginning The Creator Boys succession development "several billions years", later took less time. Each One responsible for different things in the Universe, They created different matter and energy structures, which exist undisturbed in the same space.

Those who were able to more intensive development, they could switch to the 6-16-times variable matter-energy spatial structure after 5145 and further evolving physiological life, in their sole discretion to manifest  4-5-6-7 times variables background texture people or animals. The creation of unicellular organisms already in the 6-7-times variables in their era was permitted with the consent of God the Father.

The six Creator God, the Sons of Father God, 6-16-times variable structure and 4- 7-times variable structure human have overlap only within their 6- and 7-times variable structure, after that the Lord God created and developed out those further human structures in every detail having ability to further proliferate.

Therefore, it can not handle the creatures of the Lord God, "as Christ Varga" to "change your activity individually." Man can only heal by another person or otherwise closely with him in the relationship between the mind, the mind of specific instructions.

I write all this down here only for the purpose to make it understand the uninformed people that the praying result to the 6-16-times varieble Creator will be just enough to make to a man well seen his applicant's consciousness (through his mind body), so the 6-7-times variable spatial structure of people, according to the soul's command the mind controls and coordinates everything.

Often the case that intellectual, five-times variables effect paralyzes the mind-brain connection of mind, for example. with fixing delusions into the mind or in that event by listening to constantly rumbling metal music.

Only man can teach people. The Creator is not intended to put a penalty, but the free will of souls by way of teaching people life situations.

Human souls are not caught up to the intermediate state only for learning what the punishment was thought to particular persons or peoples (eg. The current flood of migrants to eliminate the power of money world domination).

Those who fervently praying for the healing of someone you love , for the Lord God will not get to find out a solution, because the Lord God will not extend into the souls He made his free will launch 4-5-times variable physiological body.

Praying for his left-brain analytical brain of desire, belief, expectation operation of his mind projecting toward the loved one's mind and thus the mind is conducted in the healing process of the 4- and 5-times variable physical and mental functions, of course, if it the Lord God is You agree.

This condition was broken at the beginning by Silva Method clubs where sometimes 50 people, or more mental projection of the band occasionally encountered the Lord God's will, and therefore were strucked back.

A free will of which we are talking about by the religious education, by which the person may become independent by through operation of the left hemisphere from the expectation of the soul and from the impulses perceived through the consciousness aura of the mind. You can block it.

Free will is primarily governed by emotional impulses, it apprehends the person senses the environment. This emotional impulse based on the foundation of Jesus' suffering religious education, but also sympathy among the mass movements and parties.

The Creator perpetuated mind connection room for the free will, but the Creator expects the consultation from the good breaks creations.
Free will is used to everyone tested the idea of increasing knowledge of Universe diversity.
Of course, everyone will discover the result in the return of births (the "resurrection").

There is no detour from experiencing the consequences, the karma will be distributed by the end of all life and the next life, other physical aspects forced the same or a similar situation to solve the assigned person. Thus the soul gather intelligence.
The amount of gathered intelligence is determinative after 5145 physical life when the final settlement will come, to continued to obtain housing or to be destructed to obtain Nirvana.

God the Father and the six Creating God the Sons activities are ongoing. In particular, people who created since 650,000 years on Earth, JHVH- (Jáhveh-, that is, the Lord), Lord God of all, starting reproductive pairs are created for each distinct people.

The vegetation creators: Jelenih and Jelim Lords the Gods continuously again and again explore plants enrich the biodiversity on Earth.
In the animal kingdom Jelim and Jelenih Lords the Gods create new species.

In Lord God, YHVH population, there are souls came from many kind of Universe and are living and dying here on Earth, and these souls get re-employed body by a conception. There are so many people who lived off the planet Feton life and lived on an arteficial planet. These souls remained on Earth after the arteficial planet departure and they could be born here to get a body by lovemaking of terrestrial reproductive couples.

These persons physiological body and astral body and energy field also shows differences from those bodies which are driven by YHVH created souls.

FATHER GOD created at first stars, suns, planets, moons and how He created man defines himself, human souls created by adding 5-6-7-8-times variables structure to them. Created bigger ones and little ones.
His long time we know based on our current account compared to comprehend our years billions of years, He created the Creator Sons Jele, Jolamda, Jelim, Jelenih and finally Jehovah.
Since then, over the last century Jolamda tired and retired, and Jelet Who took the place he grew up in the realm of symbols from continously leading Jolamda's empire.

For the little ones, like the 16 souls who were created partly by The Father GOD and were given onto Earth to help Jehovah, the Lord God, Who populated this Earth with homosapiens, as a teacher in the school to help you make the peoples understand Lord God YHVH's teachings. This was one out of 16 primary souls, whom everyone knows, the soul of Jesus. All of these people had mothers-to be born by divine will. (What Catholicism says that the Holy Spirit-possessed Mary as a child living in Israel exchange Parthian princess, the statement is inaccurate.)

That's all you need to know that every human soul is a part of The Holy Spirit in larger and smaller pieces, into which the Creator burned the Creator's Will as to be the soul's character by which a soul have to live through the 5145 life births per physical successful or less successful enforcement. The cosmic constellations for birth time ordered by the Creator is affected by caesarean section or by a delay of the date of birth, so newborn will have inappropriate child's skill set vice the original expectations of his soul.
The physical life of the soul in use when evaluating a single task to collect intelligence, learning and gathering all his life after. That gives an account of the soul during the last judgment.

FATHER Lord God the Creator Sons did not have to live in 5145 different 6- 8-times variables matter-energy structured life, They were then activated when Father the God had his extensive Universe was unable to embrace and manage.

This is why the Creator Son-minded Gods always straight and never able so bratty, dirty, anti-life thinking, developing sophisticated than the earthly man.


The Mirrorland, which being at a distance of two solar systems from our own Sun and was populated by Jehova Lord God, the Medium "journeyed" to, whose living body that was left behind, was connected by a silver cord to her departed soul and what left together with it-her conscious- sensory and sentimental aura. The connection established at the location by The Medium, lets us gain an insight into the answers given to the questions projected from my mind to the living conditions of there.

Mirror began to populate the Earth 712 years after the first Earth homosapiens creation. There were no erosion than our Solar System 25600 years.

First we have to get to know these, in order to let the mind get accustomed for the reception of more complicated issues.

Summarizing the lengthy local narratives:

The more modern architecture is spherical and pointed. Everything bears some practicability.
The buildings are maximum two stories high.
Ta professor's bed, was a wooden frame covered tightly with a canvas. In his room, I saw a Buddha statue in the usual pose.
The lighting emanated from neon, neon-like lighting body which was on the edge of the mirrored glass, spreading soft light.
Wall-screen with three dimensional picture appearance.
I asked Axel, about the Mirror land characteristics.
It happened to be autumn. There it is mainly rainy, but in the winter there is a snowy part of the planet. In their seas, for recreation they use barges, not ships. The transport is happening through tunnels under the sea. In the olden days, there were fuel tunnels.

The public transport is built spirally, subway like under the cities. Beneath this, is the underground railway which is radial. The intercity subway is made to be a railway with air-cushions. On the surface only small vehicles can run.
Airplanes, as on Erth, are already non-existent.
They don't have ambulance vehicles. There are light-tunnels. The body placed therein is taken by light to the destination. This is the fastest. It works with the speed of light.

Father God about the animals:

The animals on Earth, were made by my Third Creating Son. Their inner aura is the mental aura, which guides their physical make up and their mental-body belongs to this. Through this, they can be healed. That certain inner layer, which is the organ-projection with men, they do not have separately. Their middle layer is the Akasha. To this is the soul of the animal attached. Don't think that the animal's soul is simpler than the men's. It is built up differently. An outermost layer, is defending them from the rough influences. Therein is a mind-body and an ever-growing soul. This soul, is always growing in this capsule. Until it can be accommodated, after that every specimen floats back into its creator. This capsule is enclosed, and the animal's body is also surrounded by the sensory aura. With this, the animal can receive distant things, and certain animals that possess this can conduct conversations from one ocean to the other. Separate conscious aura they don't have. This is adaptable for transforming signals and for its strengthening, also. Mainly the sword winged dolphin, which is very effective for a long distance.

 Father God about the cosmic and human relations:

Jehovah created on Earth the Homoludens and the Homo sapiens. The Fifth creating Son, Yelenih's creations were inhabitant men on the planet called Phaeton by you. The humanity of Phaeton sensed the imminent danger, when your solar system was nearing a pile of debris which was made up of bigger and smaller massifs. For the purpose of saving the physical genetic stock, they settled 3-400 people of theirs to an artificial planet.
In this period, each of your solar systems suffered from collisions with massifs. Phaeton got hit by such a collision which made it to fall apart. They tried to avoid the clash, but were unsuccessful. Your Earth was wiped off of the previous developed human culture also by the same collisions, so much, that only a limited number of survivors secured the survival of the physical body stock.
The remnants of the Phaetons orbited the Sun in the artificial planet, which secured for them permanent favorable living area, for expressed in your earthly years a period starting from 50.000 years ago until 5.500 years ago, when they finally permanently left your solar system. They looked up in your solar system your Earth, as the sole possible life-sphere for their purposes, but could not establish a settlement, because the gravitation on Earth compared to that on Phaeton, was twice as much and thus excessive for them, also to the composition of the air they could not adapt their bodies permanently. They possessed a height of 3 to 4 meters.
Interbreeding with the Homo sapiens, they could only sire half-breed Nefilims (which were unable to breed further). They had longevity and possessed more abilities then the Homo sapiens. The Nefilims filled a role as earthly personnel of the Phaetonians as rulers or artisans, because the Phaetonians were unable to adapt acclimatization to the earthly conditions. In place of the dying out Nefilims, the Phaetonians sired new ones with the Homo sapiens women. The creation of Nefilims that could be fertile and breed further with the Homo sapiens remained futile till the very end.
The creations of Jelenih, the stock of earthly slaves, created by the Phaetonians-evacuees, by way of gene-technology, meant the mockery of Jehovah's creation of mankind.
What caused Jehovah's final wrath, were the experiments by the Phaetonians, whereas they were also continuing to mix the animals and the Homoludens by gene-technology, as a result of which various misshapen creatures multiplied on Earth.
God Jehovah, in His rightful wrath, occasionally devastated with epidemics this stock that was offending Him, and at other times, asking for help from Jele, the first creating Son, who possessed massifs, with impacts He caused the solid crust of the Earth's periodical solid indentations, which was inundated with the waters of the ocean, but the final extermination of the degenerated people of Mesopotamia-Etelkoz he entrusted the Huns.
In the totality of the universe the men's role is so much, that he is a suitably formed formation for the carrying of the soul.

Nothing is given for free, one has to strive for everything. To realize and put it into use. Between 2034 and 2038 our solar system is going to pass through a zone of a fallen apart massif. The condition for its survival is the formation of the earth's energetic defense shield. For the lack of this the present human culture of Earth once more is going to be eradicated.


The progressive speed of the photon, from start to collision is constant, but according to the time-factor its frequency is variable, so is the colour of the light. The number of the exiting photons depend from the strength of the source, but a few photons also exit with the same speed, as the many.
(For this, the spectrum arriving from the different mass of the space-debris, can only be identified on Earth in case of identical time factor, with the spectrum of matters known on Earth.)
The speed of light, as known etalon, is the same in the whole Universe.

Particle speeds in different matter radiations:

On the shell      marking      Speed           Naming
Piece (UM)                      expressed in
                                         speed of light

6                         (e)                     0 <          resting electron
5                         (ee)                1/2 c          electro-active electron
4                          (G)                 2/3 c          gravitron
3                          (F)                    1 c           photon
2                          (J)                   14 c          jomaidon
1                          (M)                  72 c          meson
α                          (P)                310 c          positron
ß                     2 (UM)               660 c          duton
γ                         (UM)         18.000 c          uniform matter’s unit part

Therefore the mass: on the electron's shell, on the shell of the nucleus, is the induced shell-matter unit's (SMU), moment of inertia, which is registered as the mass of the nucleus, or proton, or neutron, by the physics, taught by the physics. For reaching the greater and greater under-saturation, gradually more energy input is necessary, but with the increase of the under-saturation, will increase the matter unit's speed, running on the shell, namely, more induced state the matter is in, by this greater and greater is its moment of inertia , which is kept in evidence as mass, by the scholastic physics. Seven shell-matter units (7 SMU) is contained in the figure one proton (#1 Pr) which is created with the "resting" namely the saturated electron.proton1.jpeg

This is the most stable proton, respectively if it is joined with another single neutron (#1 Ne).


This, so far my creations have not been able to utilize in power plants anywhere. This disintegrates very rarely, by the fission's exterior effect, it emits gamma-radiation, and positron current, namely alpha- radiation, too. This builds up the most stable elements. 

The time of a space-debris-belt is identical with the given time of its surrounding area. The time of the wandering meteors has its own time modified by the time-zone created by the approached star. Flux of the electrons within the planets is present intensively, and this causes its revolutions, but it is present also in the space among the celestial bodies, only less, with more order-size, in smaller measures.
The spaceship traveling in the Universe, can bring its own time with it. The spaceship without living volition, is only matter, existing according to the local time. If it has got living volition within, than, it is able to keep its own time, but then its material structure suffers distortion ,compared to the local identically built matter.
The timeless space is also a structure created by will. An object, or living being, remaining staying in space at the same point, only its time lengthens very much. So much, as the will forms it.
The neutron is a proton and an electron cemented together by the creative energy of the will.
The proton is a unit mass of mutilated electron, and is one with it, forming a common electron-shell, with its electron shell leaning against it, the resting electron's constant conjunction. The moment of inertia, which is indicative of the bulk of the proton, is created by the uniform matter-particles (UM), which in an induced state orbit around the shell of the mutilated electron. In case of the presence of more uniform matter-shell particles the induction is less, in case of the lack of more shell-particles the induction is more. The greater orbital speed, namely higher number of vibration in every case results in greater moment of inertia.
Around one proton is only one electron, but around a nucleus, which is formed by more surrounding proton and neutron, in the electron-cloud, more electrons get arranged.

The physicists, what they think as energy paths, that is the wrong interpretation of the processes, which take place in the mutilated electrons shell-structure which form the nucleus, like particle-loss and particle regaining. ...
The time-factor, the different speeds of passing times, are caused by the distribution of the matter units, on the mutilated electron's shell, or on the shell of the full electron connected to it, with identical rotation, resulting in other and other amplitude vibrations.


The mind is connected to the right hemisphere of the brain, and onto the mind is connected the memory, the akasha, the feeling, the sensation, and the consciousness. The mental and the astral layer of the aura is connected so to the mind, that its conductive system can be likened to an analogue of a ganglion, its conduit system, takes standard data from there in case, be it of mental aura layer, and forms with resultant character via the astral aura-layer, the astral body.

So, practically, the brain controls the seventh aura layer's functioning, the functioning of the mind, nevertheless the connection is through the seventh aura layer, also with the soul's part that resides in the upper sphere, with its conscious level.
Zombie takes up that thought order, and is aware of that, what order he was given by the rogue soul. He can't think of anything else, but what he is ordered to do. As a matter of fact, they haven't done anything else with his brain, but separated it from his mind, in which case the brain can only do as much as what the zombies can do. It keeps up the body functions, so that the bodily functions operate fully, and do what is commanded to them, and the zombie here, has no memory-pictures left.
The memory storage is in two layers.
It is contained in the Akasha, as being attached to the right part of the brain, since it is from here, where it recalls the learnt information from, which is drilled in already, and is still in the outer layer.

There is no such soul, that could not be taught for something. Maybe more lives are necessary for it, but everybody can be taught everything. However, not everybody has to learn everything. Everybody should be good, in what basically he had ability for.
If I have to populate a planet again, because of the effect of a catastrophe where almost everybody have lost their bodies on it, then I conceive souls into bodies selected as specialists and registered as such, so that they should trace back with their intelligence, the body of knowledge which earlier was successful on the planet. These specialists are divided between the third and the sixth sphere. At the new repopulation, there shall be a need for garbage men as much as for system organizers.

In summary:

He who with His All-causing creative will. He is the 2 to 24 times variable matter-energy space structured Father God, the totality of the Universe, whom we are also personally parts of. Within Him the creative Sons' space structure is 6 to16 times variable.
The Creating Son who populated Earth with the present humanity, known from the Bible as Yahveh, Jehova, whose creations we are, and we who exist in the 4 to 7 times variable matter-energy space structure.

The understanding of multi-variant material structure can accelerate the development of science by order of magnitude.

In the following quote from the BOOK:

My Father Jehovah! What is it that can stop the proliferation of those, who have become idiots because of committing cosmic crime?

It is ,that even these idiot incarnations stop once, because the stigma separates from the soul. From this moment on, they can continue the learning. This could take many lifetimes.

How should people treat idiots correctly? (In a” civilized” world with culture, they are being looked after completely.)

It is always formed by that person, who was punished with it, where to be born, where it is foreseeable what kind of treatment he shall receive.

Do the parents get this also as a form of punishment, to have an idiot child?


Who decides over the idiotic number of births on Earth?

Regarding this question, all judgment rests with Me. This, I can’t entrust to my helpers.

The idiotism is not identical with debility.

Idiotism=feeble mindedness?

It means, that the mind is inoperative and does not transform, doesn’t convert, doesn’t transport. It doesn’t perform. It is not active. It is there, but it is crippled. For this, there is no connection among the converting and short range memory, the akasha, the emotive layer, the sensory layer, and the consciousness.

The idiots have mental-body, but with a crippled mind.

They also have astral body, which reflects the realized state.

The issuing cause, even the seer can’t read out of the astral body. It can be known only from the akasha. To effect hypnosis and make the subject talk, in case of idiots is not possible at all. The cause, the man himself, without any higher instruction can’t determine.

Exclusively the alcoholism, even in the case of both parents, is not enough for the conception of an idiot child.

At any rate, the idiot is born by My order, and it is born there, where there is need for him. It is never by chance. This is a definite warning of mine to the parents.

How can we treat an idiot correctly?

So, as you would treat anybody else. He can demand the same amount of attention and love, but no more than that, as a healthy, self-sufficient child or adult.

He has to put up with his fate. If somebody else carries his burden, then his fate won’t change later in the series of incarnations.

It is not permitted to maltreat him or to handicap him, but he doesn’t deserve an advantage either. He must bear the burden which his fate allocated for him.

Could an idiot infant be a result of an injury?

The question is not good this way. At birth the mind doesn’t get damaged. Some surfaces of certain brain-parts may get damaged from bad handling, but this doesn’t cause idiotism, only the drop out of that part of the brain, which other parts of the brain with time will substitute. The eventual paralyzed state of the nerves shall not cause idiotism either.

Neither is the autism idiotism. The disease of autism is not feeble-mindedness. It is something entirely different.

Does the idiot’s akasha exist?

It exists in every case, but it has no connection with the crippled mind. The autism, is such a deformation of the mind, when the consciousness layer is connected to the meaning giving layer permanently so, that it doesn’t throw the conscious symbols together with the remembrance, with the memory, and the memory almost gets broken off, or it is missing, or maybe it is vestigial. The akasha gets joined with the mind in each case.

Can the autism-disease origin be located, by making the person bring it up and speak about it through hypnosis?

The subjects can be successfully hypnotized in each case. They can be lead back well to the re-living of previous happenings.

Can the cause of the autism disease declared unequivocally so, as in the case of the idiotism was the cause of a cosmic crime, in one or two cases?

The autism is unequivocally, the result of the abuses, committed in the previous life. For example, if somebody abuses his position of power and forces on somebody his false judgment, while never admitting the right of the other person, with this he might conjure up this illness for his next life.

It is only for the duration of one lifetime. Perhaps, even during the course of his life it is permissible for the person the healing ,which results in the inducement of better fastening of the memory, but in each case it has to be asked.

Do You always judge also this consequence Yourself, God Jehovah?

No. This is a milder case. This can be done also by the assistant angels during the judgment.

Is Jesus attending the judgments?

No. He is not on that level of learning, which would permit it. For that He has to experience the vicissitudes of many lives yet.

I am asking Jehovah Lord God, if it is permissible, can I cure somebody suffering from autism?

He shall give up the cause of it during hypnosis, and this is what has to be put right, with Me, consulted by you.

I shall arrange the joining of the memory, if the person has already learnt his lesson sufficiently. In the process of working out the moral of his lessons, you may help him. If he did this all by himself alone it would be drawn out procedure for him.

What is debility?

This is such a transformation, when the consciousness layer, and the sensory layer haven’t got attached to the mind.

The sentimental layer is in connection with the mind.

The mind is sound. With the akasha, the mind is in an entirely normal connection. The memory is not at all functional, or is vestigial.

The memory with the mind is not at all, or very feebly linked up.

With a long training the memory with the brain can be brought into a very narrow direct connection, but this is already only a substitute function linkage.

In healthy cases the memory also joins to the brain through the mind?


In a healthy case there is no direct linkage between the sensory and the sentimental layer, but even there, only through the mind does it get linked?

Yes. The direct linkage here is also an artificial substitute.

What causes debility?

Debility could be caused by several things. For example, the offspring of the drug-addicted parents is also under the influence of the drug, for this the mental-body’s plan-realization may fail in certain details.

Identically, debility could be caused at the arrival of the soul unit , the suffered energetic shock-effect, which could be caused by the cosmic effects and beings, though malicious consciousness-effect, could also cause it.

Naturally, for creations of mine who can cause such a thing the idiotism is awaiting.

Could other different mightiness and monarchies cause debility to the conceived soul?

Yes, the danger of this is also exist.

Asperger's disease:

The mind is operational, connectivity is everything at this time.The problem occurs there, in his speech that some things should be, which has experienced terrible trauma for previous life

and it just could not say under normal circumstances again. What they have been committed against him. About as much life as there are sweet Lord God imposes it. He hasn't speech disorder.

Down syndrome (x-trisomy)

Lord is God's will establish an independent genetic reproduction, they only get with this mildest disciplinary measure was needed.Because he did something wrong in his previous life. It was a villain and bad tempers commanded all his life.And now it is exercised, that in this life that I love how you can pay a lot of bad things, which had been carried out. This is the Lord God of minimum intervention.

Are there any more, similar causative consequences?

Yes, in my store of implements there are many educational means.


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