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Involuntary, casual, intermittent epilepsy motion seizures


We adjust to prof. dr Juhasz Pal "Foundations of Clinical Neurology" work.

Psychiatrists attention!

"The doctor practicing medicine and everyday activities in terms of epilepsy and epilepsy research in particular significance:

1. is very high, about 1% of morbidity; patients years continuous treatment and constant medical supervision in need;
2. As we shall see, the basic problems are not understood;

3. clinical and clinical studies of epilepsy pathopsychological it is possible by the analysis also to the nervous system as a whole, functions and structures of the individual study the relationship between structures - it's scientific method is now indispensable because it's condition experimentally can not be reproduced in a reassuring way.

The clinical researches can significantly brought forward over the last three decades our understanding not only the epilepsy disease but also itself the nervous system also.

The epilepsy disease is characterized by recurrent "spontaneous" attacks.

The brain's electrical activity abnormally alters; this, however, is not always detectable by our methods, often accompanied by episodic or persistent abnormal psychic phenomena, and also changes frequently the personality characteristic manner.

The clinical epilepsy: epileptic seizures known as sudden and quick changes taking place in the function of any organ. If it is determined by rapid changes in the current state of excitation of the brain - some ones say that the central nervous system, thus the brain and spinal cord -, if involuntary, if it can not currently be determined by environmental stimuli.

After listing the "clinical" factors, the seizures necessarily present as the fourth factor may be mentioned cerebral, special electrical attack symptoms.

However, pathological changes in the brain's electrical activity is only one element of emerging psychoactive chemical happenings during an attack.

Detectability criterion is not the diagnosis is correct and the presence of it alone does not prove an epileptic seizure.
The seizure therefore somatomotor, somatosensory, autonomic and psychic functions is also expressed in the rapid change of entry: for a given functional features in a new constellation of events unfolding process and the termination of both." (quote so far).

After previous smooth measurement, EEG spikes jutting naturally experience a test case of that example. smoking a huge cigar and nicotine receptors in the brain was transient arousal state brought.

The same way these are true effects of other chemical agent, for example. effect too of drugs and stimulatory agents.

Those who are against the knowledge of the human's 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-times variable matter-energy structure, even the 2-24- times variables against Father Divine acceptance of reality, it does not even proceed to further reading.
He has not built up himself and not enough in life so far has gathered intelligence necessary for the understanding of wholeness.

He can understand only for tangible 4-times variable system-slice.

Basic knowledge of the human structure of the human soul is the guiding principle in all cases (all births). The release of the soul from the winding-up in 5145 need to learn life and the collected whole intelligency will print examiner at the final judgment.

The soul is matter-energy space structure according to seven criteria, if somebody comes off a new birth, conception occurs from the selected parents making love.

Can be used immediately after conception, the soul of the body, ie the mind. (East cultures carried over from the previous body of knowledge, therefore, calls it mind-organ.)
The soul immediately establish (around the pregnant woman) on six times variables mental body, by which from that moment untill accountability of the correction of the soul it absorbs the cosmic life-giving energies.

During the development according to four criteria, namely four variables of the fetus has been recorded by the mind of all environmental effects, and after the birth of her mind develops the brain function and processing capabilities.
After the birth, and any environmental impact in all its human response is recorded in the five times variables astral body.

The mind is organized, with growth and development, the brain's processing ability, somatomotor development of the operation, the suitability of endpoints and comparing other "past experiences and future positive outputs' to a higher level with the processing of sensory signals back from the person.

Anything experienced during one's life, no matter what happens to you, whatever you think, decide, all this back and forth "ripple" through the mind through the body between the physiological and mental body to the astral body.

The mind is everything coordination. The mind functioning that transporter, transformed, converted (supplier, converter, amplifier).

A doctor do not have to ignore the occasional Silva's method Gathering the practice of mental projection, which selected individuals diagnosed with diseases of healing into immediate effect.

I only mentioned the mind to know.
Now comes the point.

The astral body is one of 5 times variables remain here on Earth after death, it is called as spirit. 

But in many cases, these all over England knocking “ghosts” in the attic, or “ghosts”, who make fun of flying at night with truckers, or for example, "ghosts" connect onto a secretary and they slide the filing cabinet back and forth during daytime.
A truck driver saw that the figure was hit by jumping in front of him, but getting out of the lorries found no one there. They are not only five times variables structure ghosts, but the English term "ghost" designations.

After the person death, his seven times variables living soul gives account of its total earthly run after 40 days at the judgement place. Truly the soul is the man. And that body, what was dead, that was only a four and five times variable body, a learning tool during his life.

Then, after a unit of part-time soul comes back again to Earth to possess the body.

With multiple births the soul's aggregate acquires so much knowledge, that ha may step into the fourth, and later in tihe fifth and sixth sphere, escorting always the matter of one-another planet into the “soul-life space”. Hence it arrives into each conception one unit part of it, for following one-other newer earthly life-road, after which following each death of the body, judgement shall follow.

The five times variables astral body, the physical body after death stays here in the earthly life space.

The spirit's task, that is should amalgamate the memory-matter of the once existing person into Earth's aura, into the collective earthly consciousness.

The spirits whose will to live is outstanding, guard for a longer time their sovereign existence.

The collective earthly consciousness is an intelligent, ever usable, data-bank for each person with advanced consciousness.

The living body of people every anger, determination, if it was not followed, bad or good intention captures by the soul akasha system, and will bring him all of the accounts.

The astral-body, that is to say the spirit, contains all imprints, which the four times variable body has committed, or what has been committed with it, including, that it also fixes the decisions done in thoughts. In its entire content, it reacts to the development of the soul.

These spirits are good or bad in the same way as they lived as a man.

Some very determined individual soul refuses the accountability process and is not going away to the judgement place after 40 days after his death. He remains here in five times variables spirit and soul of the 7-times variable unit, the Divine will order was denied.

They join onto other people living in body for sucking energy from them, with whom they are in similar level of resonancy.
Even the simple spirits can be seen very well by the animals, for example. by dogs. Psychiatry is therefore using dogs to predict seizures in epileptic persons.

That spirit connected onto a living person, produces disordered tickets, depending on where it is the location of the connection on the body. The possessed person produces something that caused the death of former personal body disease syndromes.

Most often caused by changes in the head connector ghost can be measured instrumentally in the brain.

When connected to a part of the brain, the person concerned milder cases of migraine-type headache, more severe case of energy deprivation precipitate seizures, which can be seen in the form of EEG spike marks.

If the spirit connects f.e. onto the kidney's region of the body, it can cause internal organ operating deficit.

In recent case research engineer examined a person complaining for more than 25 years of headache and he broke down a spirit who was connected to the sections of her cervical spine, which immediately popped onto the doctor and caused headache with cramping to her.

At the same time the subject's headache disappeared immediately. This spirit had to be burned on the spot. Since then, the harmful effect disappeared.

The spirits can connect to any part of human body if he is weak. When the brain in a particular field of ectodermal origin is connected with a spirit, this time as a consequence of ectodermal origin, develop psoriasis symptoms of skin.

As long as a patient is not received any complaints relieving him of invading spirit, those symptoms will be measured it as illness of the former occupying the body of the dead spirit.

When the invading entity can achieve absolute dominance over the living person's mind, then personality-type symptoms can appear. In milder cases are listed here in the somatosensory electroencephalograph signals can be produced by epileptic hallucinations as well.

Temporal type of attack is triggered when an entity linked to this brain field and produce psychomotor symptoms of the body and cause amnestical inhibition in the brain.

The entity can link to the temporal field in the easiest way, so this is the most common type of seizure in medical practice, when examining symptoms.

Here wants to eliminate its loneliness, so to find a mate in the physiological body memory center and also because of lacking his mental body so hasn't that ability by which may absorb life energy, so for this reason suck of it from the living human with similar rezonation.

The speech center is not specific to the connection.

The entities do not want to communicate, but also they would like isolation and loneliness to be liquidated so they try to use for this properly sensitive people.

If we are talking about inherited epileptic predisposition, it means that the person is more sensitive than other people, so a linkage by a spirit could be formed easier.

The person received such program of sensitivity during his present life. The more endangered much more sensitive persons.

The only way to defend is to embark on an absolute faith in the Lord God. From The Lord God ask for protection from spirits.

The mind is a 4-, 5-, 6-, 7- times variable human structure aligning body.

The brain is just a wreck incapable of working without the mind.

This it can be detected in the case of zombies, where the cruel torture soul and its executive body, the mind were expelled from the body.

Then the brain can only operate according to the Command's will.

Such prepared slaves were machined in South America during a period in the cotton fields.

In these zombies they have been set up in the Guantanamo prisoners purposefully with suggestive commands.

The electroencephalograph signals plotted only detect the brain waves, as the executive body functioning. But the brain is the part of the 4-times variable physiological body, which always consists of seven times variables mind during the construction authority and goodness of the operation depends on the size of the harmony of the mind.

On average, man on the street of the brain co-operation with the mind of 13%.

The dumdum-like continuous music listening is down to 4% this can reduced. These are the "jerk" people who just autonomic live life to the structure of the universe and drifts.

Much better level are those who roam reverently churches.
These people want to connect with the Lord God through intermediaries (Mary, St. Anthony, St. Benedict, etc). These people have a very narrow slip from reality they can think over.

Further those are reaching a better state level of development who have learned by selfish motives or by serving The Creative God the Silva-method and whose brain can willfully connected to their mind.

These have been in the 18% linkage also can reach.

If someone repeatedly reading through the Lord God and the Father is able to embrace one after the other information set published by Existence-Consciousness Book, 50% of that has been able to gain the brain-mind relationship level.

At just more a person gets, the Lord God, who is due to a favorable specific character of the given world situation "will be on a short leash" and teach the population in hand.

If this is well known. This common example II. Pope John Paul II, who was one of teachers from the 16 of us were sent to Earth, get to know his life. Before him there were Mani and Mohammed too.

The top layer of the Catholic world order of the priesthood long ago and now also it was and is trained to remove the occupying entity. Of course, few people get to them.

Hypnosis is normal to be a psychiatrist to replace all the knowledge of the patient.

The patient's hypnotic state easily separable about 5 times variables occupying entity, that is, the spirit.
Master of asking for help, to create (5 times variable) of the device psychiatrist! Not to be different, only true faith, will, and expectations love. But that's not all.

You must take the help of assistants detached spirit to where he can not return to the same vibration patient.

The patient must now shell extension. Then awakened him, explain to him the operation mechanism and these people should be taught to every day in the morning and evening he strengthen his own defense.

Of course, there are many who are unable to do that. For those still only some fields remain crippling the brain or stimulating and supportive symptomatic of chemicals, not a causal treatment.

Budapest, 30.11.2015.

Edit Magony dr.                                                             Gabor Pal Sztelek

medical doctor                                                              researcher-engineer




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