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It is a Summary of the Universe, the Cosmos structure to be understandable explanation of the nervous system physiology studies


As many variables creatures (such as mathematical functions), works by many considerations, what is the present document.

Materials and energy space structure in the universe, all that is 2- to 8-times variable structure construction.

In The Universe from the 9 -times variable exist up to the 24-times variable at present only energy space structures exist.
At present, God the Father is 2-24 -times variable matter-energy-space structure. We are in Him.

We are part like stars, suns, planets, and the beetle blade of grass.

In the beginning was the will of God the Father, a huge energy supply.

He (known as the single-pole magnetic sphere, by profane example) who created the potential of this material and its unit of energy per unit ordered him and it became a two-variable spatial structure.

As soon as the will of God the Father has further developed the two-variable matter-energy spatial structure of the 10-variable spatial structure, the Father God parted the Holy Spirit.

The bifurcation potential difference with God the Father created man and animal souls that were 6- and 7-square-variable structures. Soul and mental body.

These souls as primary souls among six souls have developed up to be creators in the 6-16-times variable spatial structure over a long period of time.

To help in understanding the knowledge of earthly time. In the beginning the Creator Sons succession development "several billions years", later took less time. Each one is responsible for else-other in the Universe.

God the Father 4- and 5-times variable spatial structure is created in the souls of the primary mental body 6- and 7-times of variables and soul "as landing gear".

The Father God created also 4- and 5-times variable spatial structure to the primer souls "as landing gear" of their 6- and 7-times of variables mental body and soul.

Those who were able to more intensive development could switch to the 6-16-variable matter-energy spatial structure after 5145 physiological life and there they could further be in develop, in their sole, to create 4-5-6-7-times variables spatial-structured people or animals.

The creation of unicellular organisms already in the 4-7-times variables age were allowed by God the Father in their sole discretion.

The 6 Creator Son Gods 6-16 variables structure are in overlap only with the 6- and 7-variable structure of the 4- 7-variable matter-energy structured people.

Therefore, The Lord God may can not catch his human creatures of, "as Christ the cobbler " to "change your activity!."

All this I am writing here, that the uninformed people can make realization that the result of their praying to the 6-16 variables Creator is just enough to get good insights for sees good stands for the souls of the applicant (with their mind-organ), so the people of 6-7-times variable spatial structure because every soul according to the command of the mind is controlled and coordinated, if intellectual, five variables impact not paralyzes.

The Creator of man can teach, heal, or punished only by humans.

But The Creator is not intended of the punishment, only of the teaching. Through in life situations of teaching of those human souls , who has made with free will.

The human souls did not recognize that it is only for learning intermediate state what punishment was thought to those persons or peoples (eg. migration inflow eradicate the current money power world domination).

Those who fervently praying for the healing of someone he love, they don't get the solution from The Lord God, because the Lord God will not extend into the souls He made with free will launch 4-5- times variable physiological body.

Praying for his left-brain analytical brain of desire, belief, expectation operation of his mind projecting toward the loved one's mind and thus the mind is conducted in the healing process of the 4- and 5-variable physical and mental functions, of course, if it the Lord God is agrees.

This is the beginning of the recordings violated agykontrollos clubs where sometimes 50 people, or more of the combined mind projection sometimes encountered the will of the Lord God and for this it strucked back.

The free will about which they are talking during the religious education as well, is that it makes independent of the person by the left hemisphere operations, from the soul expectation and from the mind perceived impulses through it's conscious aura. You can block it.

Free will is primarily governed by emotional impulses, it apprehends the person senses the environment.

This emotional impulse is not only is the base of religious education which is based on Jesus's sufferings , but also of the mass movements and of sympathy between persons.

This category includes the barroom confrontation, resulting in temper tantrums sometimes even murder. The envy is such an emotional scene.

The Creator perpetuated mind connection leave a space for the free will, but the Creator expects the consultation from the creation of good-tank.

Free will can be used to everyone for testing all their ideas by what increasing knowledge of Universe diversity.

Of course, a person will experience this outcome in the back of births (the "resurrection").

There is no detour from experiencing the consequences, the Karma will dealed out at the end of all life and the next life, in other physical aspects forced the same or a similar situation to solve the person. Thus the soul gather intelligence.

The amount of gathered intelligence in determining the post-5145 winding up in life to pass on, or into destruction, desolving into the Nirvana.

God the Father and God the Son, and the six-creating activities is ongoing.
Within this, Jehovah, who created humans only 650,000 years since the Earth JHVH-, Jáhveh-, Lord God Jehovah is every distinct people, novice breeders are created.

The vegetation creators: Jelenich and Jelim Creator Gods continuously again and again explore plants enrich the biodiversity on Earth.

In the animal kingdom Jelim and Jelenich Lord God create new species.

Lord God Jehovah's population of Universe came very much in the spirit and body of a deceased person to get re-employed conception.

There are so many who have lived off of lives in Feton planet and after departure of the artificial planet stuck here souls could be born here into body by earthly procreative sex couples.


3/12/2015. Budapest                                                      Gabor Paul Sztelek

                                                                                        research engineer



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